Buying or Selling? – make sure you’re buying the right property!

Conveyancing in Queensland is complex and is affected by approximately 20 different pieces of both State and Federal legislation, contract conditions, as well as extensive case law and practice guidelines. 

Many things in a conveyance may not go as expected, but it’s not common that a seller, trying to sell their property, discovers that they aren’t even the owner.

Chris Meyer, a UK businessman encountered exactly this when he put his three-bedroom flat on the market and realized that the flat in which he had been living for six years was actually owned by his next door neighbour!

It didn’t stop here! Mr Meyer even had a mortgage secured over the (wrong) property. 10 of the 15 flat owners in the same building are now experiencing the same problem! 3 years on, and the residents are still trying to rectify the problem.

Don’t let this happen to you - Gall Standfield and Smith, Solicitors has more than 40 years of experience and is well-versed in dealing with a range of issues concerning your conveyance and how you might protect against them.

Our central Southport location and strong local knowledge of the Gold Coast and South East Queensland sees us as one of the only law firms on the Gold Coast who physically attend each and every one of our Settlements to ensure that your sale or purchase settles first time around without a hitch! We offer.

For more information, or for a quote of our fixed fees and to give you peace of mind, please contact our friendly staff.

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